shawnShawn Killeen is a mom, and a teacher in the south side of Chicago. She has dedicated her life to educating children, and balances a career with the responsibility of raising a family. When the pandemic broke in the spring of 2020, her work and personal life were thrown into chaos, along with millions of other Americans. Parents across the county rely on our school systems for more than just an education. School provides our children a safe haven, nourishment through lunch programs, and allows working families to go out each day and provide the financial support their families need. This one institution effects so many
different aspects of our society.

From these challenges, Test for Virus was born. The question was never if schools and other organizations would re-open, it was how! There needed to be a system, a plan, a way to safely begin the journey back to much needed normalcy for children and their parents.

Test for Virus is a collaborative integration of partners committed to allowing institutions to safely re-open. From creating strategic partnerships with leading testing services and mask producers both nationwide and across the globe, to working with industry experts…the goal was to not just provide resources, but to create a plan that could be implemented and executed from organization to organization.

Test for Virus provides a consultative and educational approach with the necessary training and resources for schools and organizations to begin the journey back into the classroom and workplace.